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Working in partnership, with a local housing provider, Rayner Rowen Developments is pleased to present emerging proposals for the former Curzon Cinema, at Princess Road, Urmston, which will deliver a regeneration scheme of 42 new shared ownership flats behind the retained art deco frontage.


The Curzon cinema closed in 2008, and more recently part of the building was used by dance school Flixton Academy of Performing Arts. The poor condition of the building has led the current owner to seek a new use for the site. Rayner Rowen Developments is now planning to give the site a new lease of life, delivering a shared ownership housing development. The businesses on Bowfell Road and Princess Road are not affected. The current owner can no longer commit to the costs associated with building upkeep. The cinema interior is already lost, and the only viable future for the site is its redevelopment. Flixton Academy of Performing Arts is aware of the proposals.


The proposed development is a sympathetically designed, five storey, housing scheme, which retains the art deco frontage of the former cinema building. The 42 one and two bed flats will be available to buy on a shared ownership basis, meaning that they will be affordable homes for local people. The landscaping around the site will be improved making the local area greener, with grassed spaces, new planting areas and new trees and shrubs. The telecommunications masts on the building will be removed, which will improve its appearance.


Key aspects of the proposed development are:


  • 42 new flats available to buy on a shared ownership basis, meaning more high quality affordable homes for local people in need.

  • The retention and sympathetic restoration of the art deco frontage to the former Curzon cinema building, which is a local landmark in need of repair.

  • Bringing life back to an underused building, since the closure of the cinema in 2008.

  • Environmental improvements through the removal of existing metal clutter to the rear of the existing building and new planting, including enhancements to the southern boundary buffer, that will make the local area greener.

  • The new building is all contained within the massing of the current building and will have the benefit of no telecommunication masts.


This consultation has now closed. Thank you to everyone that submitted comments. Once a planning application is submitted you will be able to make further comments on the Council's website. If you have any questions in the meantime then please email


Rayner Rowen Developments is part of the well-established and North West based Rayner Rowen Construction Group. Rayner Rowen is a family business and its vision is to be a dynamic full service property company, that focuses on the needs of its clients, exceeds their expectations and ultimately helps their own businesses thrive. Rayner recognises that a project is not just the completion of a building, but that it is also a thriving community in which people can work, live and learn and is a place that its clients are proud of.


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